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This Menopause Month, we're highlighting the importance of menopause friendly uniform with our White Paper

It is estimated that 75% of women experience menopause symptoms at work that are moderate to highly problematic. Of these women, 1 in 4 will seek a demotion, turn down a promotion or reduce their hours, and 1 in 10 will give up work entirely.

Not only does that mean companies are sacrificing great talent when experienced staff leave, but it also puts the woman herself in a financial disposition. It broadens the gender pay and pension gap. With the current state of the UK economy, every company should want to address this urgently.

There are many reasons why women suffer from menopause symptoms at work, but wearing the wrong type of uniform should not be one of them. Employers must consider various factors when designing workwear and uniform for their staff, including comfort, durability and cost. Although vital in the uniform design process, these factors should go hand in hand with further considerations, such as style, employee satisfaction and inclusivity.

At Murray Uniforms, we believe that creating an inclusive uniform that is menopause friendly is an essential step towards employee well-being. We know that a well-designed, well-fitting uniform makes staff happier and more productive,  and making menopause a consideration is a vital part of that process.

Creating an Inclusive Uniform That is Menopause Friendly

To find out more, and access the full white paper Click Here