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Our Heritage
Clothing Experts Since 1918
A Tale of Textiles and Tailoring Over Five Generations

We’ve been making exceptional clothing for over 100 years since Arthur Chattel joined his uncle’s tailoring shop in Northampton after returning from WWI in 1918. Arthur (Managing Director Mark Bass’s great-grandfather) absorbed every aspect of the trade for seven years.

With expertise and connections in mills and factories, Arthur started his own business offering a personalised tailoring service to the upper classes in Northamptonshire and Warwickshire.

Arthur visited country homes, manors, and estates, taking his fabric pattern books with him. He measured clients, discussed styles, and returned a few weeks later to deliver and fit the finished clothing. Arthur was a tailor for the rest of his life. He loved his job and became known for providing legendary customer service and immaculate tailoring.

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Murray Uniforms Was Born

Mark Bass’s grandfather joined Arthur in 1965, leaving a senior management career to work with him part-time for ten years. He developed his network of sources and factories, launching Murray in 1975 as a supplier of uniforms to the growing security sector.

Murray diversified into corporate workwear, NHS uniform, club attire, and even school uniform. But it wasn’t all about aesthetics – we became known for our knowledge of fibres, yarns, colourfastness, shrinkage, durability, and garment engineering to ensure perfect fit and body movement.

A Sales Director With an Eye for Tailoring

After leaving school, Andy Bass (Murray’s Sales Director) joined the business in 1979. Like his father, he wanted to learn everything about clothing, so he studied textiles, fabrics, design, pattern cutting, tailoring, and garment manufacture at college, leaving with his Tailoring certificate in 1980.

In the 1980s, Murray manufactured own-label products, crafting garments to exact designs and specifications before moving to offshore manufacturing in the 1990s.

Uniform That Lasts

More than a century of producing high-quality clothing means we know garment production, durability and colourfastness inside out. We understand fit, and how to construct superior garments for seamless body movement. And our wisdom means we always select fibres and materials that outlast competitors.

Our focus on wearer satisfaction and happiness led us to pioneer the Murray Science of Uniform®.

A Bright Future, Together

With clients across the UK and Europe and a growing workforce, we’ll be looking to move to larger premises. But our promise remains the same; to give you outstanding uniform so your people look smarter, feel smarter and therefore Work Smarter®.

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