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Perception is reality… to the unknowing customer

It is a well-documented fact that what you wear matters to both your personal and professional self.  The fit, fabric and functionality of a garment are the key elements to ensuring a well-made, well-fitting garment makes us feel happy and confident enough to take on the challenge of the day ahead.

First impressions count

Are you nice to customers?

But what about the impact of what you wear on other people? Research shows that what you wear to an interview can impact an interviewer’s impression of your ability to perform effectively in a job role (Forsythe 2006), but on a subconscious level we already know to dress smart for an interview to give the very best first impression of ourselves. After all, we only have three seconds to make that first impression count!

Creating trust through what you wear is also more important than you might think – take the Pilot analogy, not only would it be incredibly unlikely for you to trust a Pilot who boards your plane wearing casual shorts and t-shirt, but it is highly likely to make you (and all other passengers) feel unsafe. That one garment choice could even make you fear for your own safety. Whilst this is an extreme example, the same is true across all customer-facing job roles.  Perception is reality.

the problem solver

The role of the designer

The design of a garment is comprised of more than just a finished look; it’s the fit, colour, shape, fabric, stretch, pockets and much more. The job of the designer is to really understand the culture and people of the organisation they are designing for – What do they stand for as a business? Who are their customers? What is their heritage? Who are the competitors? What is the demographic profile of their people? Couple that with an in-depth understanding of fabric, fit and functionality and you’re getting close to a garment that is truly fit for purpose – not just for the role, but for the wearer too.

What do staff think their uniform says about your company?

With over 100 years in the clothing industry, we’ve learned a thing or two about uniform engagement, so we've put together this short survey to help you understand how your staff feel about their workwear/uniform.

Download our FREE Uniform Engagement Survey here or contact Natasha Hickling for more information about how Murray can help your business gain greater employee engagement with their uniform or workwear..