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Employee wellbeing in the workplace

Industry professionals from across some of the UK’s leading organisations came together on Tuesday 10th December at Kew Gardens to learn all about the impact of uniform on employee wellbeing in the workplace. Murray Uniforms were joined by guest speakers Sara Silvonen, Wellbeing Consultant and Keith O’Gorman from Great Place to Work UK, to share insights into the wellbeing landscape of the corporate environment.

“It was a pleasure being involved in an event which shared parallels with our own wellbeing research, particularly around work environment and fulfilment at work. Pride, belonging and purpose are significant factors for employee wellbeing – and uniforms are clearly a contributor to feeling this.” ~ Sara Silvonen, Wellbeing Consultant at Great Place to Work UK

Earlier this year, Murray asked the question – How does wearing a uniform to work contribute to happiness in a role?

Industry research was undertaken with uniform and workwear wearers throughout a 6-month period, to truly understand what the physical and emotional impact of wearing a uniform really is. What is the impact on performance, confidence and interaction with customers, as well as the style and trend of a uniform?

Over 2.5k wearers took part in the study, in which retail, financial services, construction and delivery services were all represented.

 “[The study] will help to understand the role of uniform from a design, wearer and ultimate cost – ROI” ~ Event delegate

What's next for the Research Study?

Detailed analysis now underway

“We’re delighted with the attendance of the event. The early data analysis has highlighted some very intriguing insights that Coventry University can now delve much deeper into. We’re really looking forward to sharing the full results in our follow-up event in the Spring.” Mark Bass, Managing Director Murray Uniforms.

Full data analysis is now underway with Dr Louise Moody, Centre for Arts, Memory and Communities at Coventry University and will be published and available at the follow-up research event in Spring 2020.