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Some practical ideas on people strategy and how to measure ROA and ROE

Unlock the secrets to organisational people success with a three-part video series with Ken Denny (Murray Uniforms) and Pete Fullard (Upskill People), featuring insights on enhancing your team’s performance .

Throughout the series of three videos we cover how strategic decision-making boosts ROI, discover the relationship between return on investment (ROI) and return on expectation (ROE), and how to transform your business with a powerful people strategy. As well as offering:

  • Practical tips
  • Industry insights
  • Innovative approaches
  • Employee engagement
  • Financial growth
  • Strategic planning

Part 1: ROI & ROE Demystified: Practical Examples and Rookie Errors

With a discussion on the differences between ROI & ROE and a focus on how decision-making in business influences both.

Part 2: Decision Impact: How your Choices Shape Success

We dive further into ROI & ROE in organisations, giving real-world examples and practical applications. We cover challenges in client education and the importance of outcome reviews for securing support from key decision-makers

Part 3: People Strategy: Building a Winning Team

In the final conversation we delve into the power of a well-designed people strategy in transforming an organisation. Looking at adapting to diverse workforce needs, overcoming resistance to change and ensuring that people strategy aligns with the organisations goals while avoiding complexity.

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