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What’s the cost of bad customer experience?

According to the Ombudsman Service Report, UK businesses are losing billions of pounds each year as consumers continue to demonstrate their intolerance for bad customer experience.

Servicing customers poorly over the phone or internet is one thing, but managing the all-important face-to-face customer interaction takes skill, training and of course, masses of confidence.

What creates confidence?


Where does self-confidence come from and it is something you can learn? When evaluating those working in customer-facing roles, you will tend to find that self-confidence comes from three major sources; Inherent Personality, Experience and Environment. Whilst confidence may be part of a person’s inherent personality, they were not born confident. Confidence is something that develops as a person grows, experiences new situations and new environments.

How uniform contributes to confidence

Can you improve an employee’s confidence just by what they wear to work?

Well, Coventry University’s Uniform & Wellbeing research study (commissioned by Murray Uniforms) of over 2,500 people showed that 85.1% of respondents said they would feel more confident with customers if they liked their uniform. Whilst this is a staggering number, it is something that can be easily affected.

“85.1% of respondents said they would feel more confident with customers if they liked their uniform”

(Source: Coventry University Uniform & Wellbeing Research Study with Murray Uniforms)

Want to know more?

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