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We Used Generative Ai to Write a Magazine Article on UK Manufacturing

Issue 2 of PIVOT Magazine was packed full of insightful articles and features on a range of subjects, all linking back to the overall theme of Design-led thinking. To demonstrate the benefits of Generative Ai we used Chat GPT to write an article on the UK Manufacturing industry

A slate of writing tools powered by artificial intelligence (AI) have been making headlines recently, as a new and more effective way to produce content. Tech companies have also been implementing AI into their own tools as well, with tools such as AI assistants.

Although there has been conflicting feeling about AI writing tools, the idea that they can speed up the process of creating content does have its appeal.

The aim of PIVOT magazine is to offer valuable insight into a range of topics that appeal to business leaders. Everything you find inside issue 2 was written by experts in the fields of HR, retail and design to name a few. One of the subjects covered was Generative AI. The article, which linked back to a talk at our live event by Microsoft’s Richard Potter, explained some of the benefits of Generative AI in the business world. We went ahead and tested one of these benefits by using Chat GPT to write an article on UK manufacturing.

What were the results? Well, if you’re reading this then you’ve got here by scanning the QR code at the end of the article, which you’re likely to have read. So, what do you think? Could you tell that the article was written by AI?

It’s important to mention, that only the body copy of the article was created by Chat GPT, the limitations of the programme meant that it was unable to provide any facts and figures around the subject of UK manufacturing, these were researched and added by a human writer, as were the images and graphics.

The following prompts were used to generate the text that you read in the article:

I want you to create a detailed analysis of the current state of the manufacturing industry in the United Kingdom including trends, predictions and potential opportunities, use examples from known companies, please be detailed and informative in tone, the audience is C-level executives, aim for 1000 words or more

Now expand on the points raised and write in paragraphs, instead of bullet points

You can read more on the subject of AI in issue 2 of PIVOT magazine, available HERE in both in digital and printed form.