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75.8% employment in uk

Highest rate of employment in almost 50 years

With 32M people in the UK currently in employment, the highest rate since 1971, there are more uniform wearers in the UK workforce than ever before.

customer research

So how do staff really feel about wearing uniform?

We wanted to know, so we undertook a quick poll amongst our customers (236 participants) across retail and facilities management and found that when asked “how positive do you feel about your uniform and the way it makes you feel” the average score was a very positive 9 out of 10.

Of uniform wearers who gave a lower score, there were consistent reasons including; dislike of uniform colour, items not being suitable for use, eg trousers too heavy for wear in the Summer months and not having a maternity wear choice within the uniform range.

But what would the rest of population tell us?…

How wearing a uniform impacts wellbeing

National Research Study

Along with Coventry University, Murray Uniforms is undertaking a national study looking at uniform and its impact on employee wellbeing.  What is the ROI of your company uniform? The research study is now LIVE and will be open until 31st August 2019.  If your organisation is interested in taking part in this unique study and also benefit from the results, just email or call 02476 587 988 for information.

About Murray Uniforms

Having provided bespoke garments for over 100 years, we know there are countless considerations to ensure all corporatewear and corporate workwear is 100% fit for purpose. Read more about our 100 years in clothing. Our Science of Uniform® brings together the hundreds of considerations we take into account when designing and creating bespoke uniforms for our customers.