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We’re delighted to announce the appointment of Ana Dieaconu as Design Team Lead for Europe. Fluent in a number of languages, Ana brings a wealth of experience to Murray.

Having graduated from the University of Southampton with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design, Ana was then awarded with a Distinction in her Master’s Degree at the Birmingham City University.  Ana’s experience has seen her lead key design projects in a number of European countries which has facilitated a broad understanding of European culture.

Ana Dieaconu- “It was Murray’s culture that stood out most during my first interview with their HR team. It’s a professional yet fun environment where members of staff are encouraged to take on challenges with every support provided to ensure their success, personal development and career progression”.

When recruiting, Murray places great emphasis on selecting personnel whose personal values match those of the company. Skill base analysis establishes that the candidates training and experience matches the role requirement; whilst our personal profile analysis provides reassurance of their soft-skill abilities and emotional intelligence

Mark Bass -Director “Ana’s broad cross-section of experience made her stand out during a rigorous recruitment and interview process, where a number of potential candidates were screened and responded to a design and presentation challenge. Her outstanding creative and technical skills combined, made Ana our appointment of choice”.
Ana adds: “Murray rapid growth within the Bespoke Uniform market is directly attributable to their disruptive methodology, client centricity and customisable solution”.