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Design & creativity: Embracing the COVID-19 shift?

The environment of a designer requires creative influences to enhance inspiration and boost energy

Design requires a very creative environment to feel inspired and energised to come up with new ideas. What we are seeing now with working from home is an increase in focus, productivity and creativity compared to the office environment. This is due to the following reasons: - Changing the environment stimulates creativity - Working in a quiet environment without distractions increases focus.

Another advantage of working from home is that working in your own environment gives you a sense of identity as you are surrounded by elements that define you. This allows a designer to transpose their identity into their creation and connect with the projects more.

However, this is not to say that working from home is better for creativity than working in the office. The reason I am saying this is because I believe in balancing work and personal life, and working from home brings the work element into the personal space. An alternative to this would be out of office days in different sorts of stimulating environments to boost creativity.

What I have noticed during this time was the adaptability of our design process. Our process is so fluid and adaptable that it doesn’t limit us to design from a single location. From the easy access to files to the actual process and steps, our design process is extremely adaptable and optimised for our designers to produce the highest quality of work, no matter the environment they work in.