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You finally get the job you’ve been searching for, nice people, good pay, decent location but one small thing – you have been asked to wear a uniform.

Horror springs to mind; of a dress too tight, trousers that are too short and ugly baggy t-shirts that do nothing to represent you as an individual.

Providing the right workwear uniforms to staff is no easy task, there are many things to consider; style, colour, shape, tops, bottoms, jackets and so much more.  Of course, on top of that, there’s cost, meeting business objectives and logistics of doing something with the old uniform and getting the right styles and sizes to the right people.

It’s not all bad though, the positive impact of the right uniform is invaluable to your business.  To feel good in their own uniform will make your teams feel good at work, and as a result, feel good about their employer and gain a sense of well-being.

Inspecting Fabric

This year, Murray Uniforms proudly entered their 100th year in the clothing industry.  Starting back in 1918 with the current Managing Director’s (Mark Bass) great-grandfather, the business has evolved from a personal tailoring service to the English gentry to Murray Uniforms emerging in the market in 1975.

Now with over 40 years in designing and manufacturing bespoke corporate wear, work wear and uniforms, Murray offers a complete end-to-end tailored service, bringing the 100 years’ expertise to each garment, helping our customers to look smarter, feel smarter and manage smarter.

Talking in studio