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The future of Garment Production - from 3D Printing to Sewbots

Prize-winners of the Murray Insights Award, from Coventry University, were invited to Murray Uniforms for a day of mentoring

Each year, Murray Uniforms invite Fashion and International Business students from Coventry University to take part in our Insights Award.

The theme for this year’s Murray Insight Award was ‘The future of garment production – from 3D printing to Sewbots’. “The students really excelled themselves this year” says Ken Denny, Customer Relationship Manager at Murray, “and we were blown away by the amount of entries to the competition and also the depth of research.  The ideas the students came up with were awesome.”

As well as prizes for competition winners: 1st prize – Theodora Chiorean, 2nd prize – Xiaotian Jin, 3rd prize Jack Lewis, runners-up were also invited to join their fellow students at Murray offices in Coventry on 26th February for a day of mentoring, including Interview and CV Preparation, Design, Marketing and more.  Mark Bass, Director also spent time with the students sharing insight on what a Director looks for when recruiting.

In the afternoon, students took part in an interactive marketing activity, looking at how they might launch their products to market.  The students were encouraged to really push their ideas for their launches which resulted in a campaign placing huge, mirrored, interactive monoliths in city centres across the UK!


Tomorrow's generation

These students are the future of garment design and innovation.

Pictured in the image, from left to right: Jack Lewis, Amber Bailey, Emily Yeomans, Nadezhda Valchanova, Ana Carolina Da Costa Moreira, Senanur Kismet, Beyza Mert

This is the second year of the Murray Insight Award.  It’s invaluable for us to engage with the students in this way, our next generation of designers.  It was great to see this year, how many of the students placed environmental concerns at the top of their priorities for their Insights submission. As businesses, we need to continue to support the ideas and ambition of this growing generation who care deeply about waste, emissions and wellbeing and are entering our workforces now.

Mark Bass, Director

I loved the experience! Really fun, particularly in the afternoon and the staff are super good!

Ana Caroline Costa Moreira, Fashion Student

Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing some of the students’ fantastic insights and ideas.