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by Theodora Chiorean
1st Prize Winner of the 2019 Murray Insights Award

How do we see the future? Will the technology ever be combined with clothes in order to create something extraordinary?  Will we get so far ahead that our clothes will be able to alert us or our doctor if something is wrong with us?

This is what I will be talking about today, in a time when everything is possible we see more and more investors trying out their best in order to achieve something never seen before. We have all seen the t-shirt which measures your heart beats and knows if you are predisposed to heart attacks, we have all seen the glove which keeps track of the shaking in your hand and therefore it can tell you whether or not you will develop Parkinson’s Disease.

However, did we ever think of the most important thing which could prevent a lot of the actual health issues if done regularly? Drinking water.

How dehydrated are you?

Now, I am not sure just how much people are aware of how dehydrated they are but how about a scarf which can feel when you start to get dehydrated. During winter months especially, our skin suffers a lot and with the hectic schedules of the 21st century, it gets even more and more difficult to be able to eat in time and drink when you are thirsty.

How many times did you hear someone saying they are thirsty? A lot of times. And how many times did you see that person actually grabbing a glass or a bottle of water right then and there and drink it? Almost never. We live in such a fast world that we forget what is really important, we forget what truly matters and this in the future can make the difference.

Why a scarf you ask?

Well, let me explain this a little bit. The face and neck are two of the most sensitive areas of our body when it comes to our skin. That’s where we see the first fine lines and later on the wrinkles, did you know that when you go to the beach it is more likely to get a sunburn on these two particular areas than anywhere else on the body? Also, did you know that the first ever fine lines you are going to get will be right at the middle of your neck? Well guess what? These can be avoided if you are drinking enough water.

How does it work?

The scarf will be placed and wrapped lightly around the neck, the suction cups must be placed on the skin around the neck and the upper chest area. Like this you will both be protected against dehydration and also make sure your scarf won’t move too much if it gets too windy.

Now what do the microchips do? As we all know, once the body starts to feel thirst, your skin changes the way it feels. From soft and smooth it can slowly but surely become a bit more harsh. The sensorial microchips are so sensitive that even the smallest change of texture is felt and thanks to the amazing technology, they send a wireless signal all the way to your mobile phone alerting you is time to drink water.  Easy-beasy isn’t it? Are up for the challenge?

Made with 1,000 sensorial microchips

The Be Thirsty Scarf will be made out of 1,000 sensorial microchips attached inside small octopus like suckers which will be dispersed all over the inner part of the scarf, the one which touches the skin. The scarf will be mid-length and MUST be worn on bare skin around your neck.