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A round up of the day…

On June 29th we held our first live event of the year, at the Concorde Conference Centre, Manchester airport. Our aim was to share first class insight with our guests about several aspects of the workforce and to provide the ultimate networking opportunity. To aid the conversations we held multiple breakout sessions that allowed our guests to listen, reflect and share ideas with fellow audience members.

We welcomed guests with refreshments and after some morning networking we kicked off our day. To start we gave a brief introduction regarding Murray, followed by our first guest speaker Amanda Hudson, People & Projects Consultant at Investors in People (IIP). After a great session with Amanda and a short break, we conducted our first breakout session, focusing on topical discussion themes which promoted great levels of participation! After lunch we welcomed behavioural economist, Roger Martin-Fagg on stage. To complete our set of excellent speakers, through the power of Teams we welcomed Fraser Morgan, Director of Digital Programmes at Corndel to deliver his content. He unfortunately contracted Covid, but did a sterling job of engaging the audience via an interactive session on Teams.

Our attendees also had some time to experience the Concorde Centre activities, culminating with the option to attend a complimentary evening meal at the wonderful San Carlo restaurant close by.


Our guest speakers were first class, where our audience were treated to expert insight and analysis of various themes around the power of your workforce. Regardless of what sector their business operated in, everyone walked away with extremely valuable information and ideas to take back to their place of work. Below you can find a summary of information that was covered by the speakers. We are  happy to send you the individual video recordings that detail this in full – please email


Our great guest speakers!

Amanda Hudson – Investors in People

The human touch

Amanda covered a variety of key areas regarding the ‘human touch’ from their prospective at IIP. The session began by posing a crucial question – what is human capital? During the presentation Amanda gave us information on the five key areas they believe will influence the way we work up until 2030.

The five ways covered were: technological breakthroughs, demographic shifts, rapid urbanisation, shifts in global economic power & resource scarcity and climate change. She also covered key themes that are impacting the world of work. Four significant components that were highlighted were diversity, inclusion & changing demographics, changing employment relationship and internal change: organisational models and structures and digital transformation.

The audience were presented with results from a study Amanda had found with no fewer than 52,000 staff in over 4 countries (including 2,000 people from the UK) being surveyed. Key take outs showed examples of workers asking for pay rises, how likely people are to leave jobs for better pay elsewhere and the difference in happiness between Gen Z workers and baby boomers. To end the very comprehensive session, Amanda showed examples of how companies can increase engagement and retention.

Roger Martin-Fagg

Business trends

Guest speaker Roger, a behavioural economist by trade, covered content that focused on the economy and delivered his content in the most engaging way that kept everyone on their toes! We were taken through the economic pipe concept during Covid and he explained to the audience, in detail, about the current state of play with the cost of living and energy bills. His predictions for the future were also offered, including inflationary pressures (we all need to listen!).

Consumer confidence, real incomes and spending were also touched upon and had everyone in the room glued to his every word.

Linking back to the theme of the day, he directed some of his time to outline the challenges business face with recruitment (including a piece on the generation gap and UK demographics) and how to manage Gen Z and introducing new automation. For those that are recruiting at this moment in time, this is the talk you need to watch.

For more details you can request the slides or the recording of Roger’s talk – please email

Fraser Morgan – Corndel

The new normal

‘The new normal’ is a term we’ve been hearing a lot of since Covid hit. Corndel is a multi-award-winning UK management and technology training provider and we were treated to a masterclass in how we should adopt new ways to work during our day to day activities. Often so simple to execute! Examples included fresh style meetings such as a ‘book club’ sessions were explained to us and why now more than ever, they could be beneficial. They allow material to be distributed beforehand and shared to allow the information to be digested by those attending.

Another key area Fraser explored was the implementation and access to on demand content. Now more than ever people can access presentations, webinars and events and use tracked changes and add live comments.

There were plenty of other tips and tricks that Fraser outlined and quite simply, you need to take them on board!

For the session recording please email

Concorde fun

Holding our event in such an amazing location meant we had use of some brilliant facilities. During two of our breaks, we arranged for our attendees to go on a live Concorde tour. We had amazing tour guides who talked us through some extensive history about the aircraft! These were extremely detailed tours of the aircraft, and everyone got to listen to the amazing facts. Did you know that Concorde once flew from Heathrow to New York in just under three hours?

As well as the tour, our guests had the option to have a go in the plane simulator. This gave the experience of a pilot in the cockpit and what they deal with on a daily basis!

Post event meal

After the event, Murray hosted a meal for some of the delegates at the fabulous San Carlo restaurant, a short drive from the Concorde Centre.

With authentic Italian cuisine and beautiful outdoor dining, it was the perfect place to continue the networking after the conference.

Our tree planting ‘bonus’

At Murray we are working on ways to be more sustainable, to therefore better our environment. To say thank you to all those that attended our event, we collaborated with our partners, Forestmatic, to plant a tree on their behalf. This program allows guests to track the progress of their own tree with a unique tree id that was provided to them. All our trees are now visible online.

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