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We could all stay comfy in our PJ’s all-day, right? Perhaps not. In this article we explore how what you wear can impact your mindset and in turn, even your mental health.


Low Energy = Low Motivation

In these unfortunate times of uncertainty and restrictions, it is extremely easy to develop negative emotions such as: apathy, boredom, depression, fear, stress etc. This not only affects our behaviour and happiness levels, but also our productivity. Where this lack of productivity comes from is a low level of energy and factors such as: the uncertainty for the future, the unknown, adjusting to a new way of working, being quarantined and lack of socialisation. When our level of energy is down, we don’t function properly and tend to lack in motivation. Everything feels like it’s on repeat – just another day.

It’s all about choice

It’s easy to lose sight that we still have choices. We decide if we let ourselves get influenced by what is happening around us in a negative or positive way. One way to influence your situation in a positive way is by splitting your day into activities. Sure, the location will remain the same (your home!) but one thing that can change to enhance your mindset is your clothing.


Where focus goes energy flows

Spend a long day wearing pj’s going about your day – sleeping, working, eating, working out, hobbies, reading etc. Sure, it sounds like you’re in for a comfy day and maybe you sustain it for a day or two. The inevitable then starts to happen – days get longer and they all look the same. With such a fluidity it is easy to lose track of time. Instead of investing in something meaningful or using this time to grow and develop yourself, you will find yourself bored and lethargic because your energy levels are too low.

Now re-imagine the same day’s activities but wearing different clothes. Suddenly it is easier to workout in gym clothes, more comfortable to complete the housework in loungewear and more productive to work in work clothes. You get a spike of energy because you have something to look forward to – the next activity and you now have the trigger to make the day more exciting: your clothing. This will both activate and increase mentally not only your energy levels, but it will also discipline your behaviour to maximise the activity you are doing.

Psychologically, what this does is:

  • Structures the time throughout a day so you feel there is a purpose to it
  • Creates opportunities to boost energy levels
  • Offers a balanced, healthy lifestyle
  • Creates more meaning and purpose to what you are doing

Think ‘fabric’ not ‘garment’

One might think that ‘work clothing’ in a ‘working from home’ environment would be uncomfortable, stiff, rigid and restrictive: shirts, trousers, jackets etc.

But it doesn’t need to be. The key to a comfortable working from home wardrobe? FABRIC.

When choosing working from home clothing, you can still look smart and with the right fabric they can be so comfortable – you might even forget for a second that you are in work clothes!

Fabrics for comfort: Cotton & Wool blends, and anything with a good stretch

Fabrics to avoid: Polyester and any plastic based fabrics

When designing garments for the clients of Murray Uniforms, fabric is big consideration – does the individual need to stay cool or warm? Do they need to stay dry? Do they have a multi-function role and require indoor and outdoor comfort and functionality?

If you are currently unsure whether you have the right fabric for your workwear range, contact me for a chat on, I’d be happy to discuss with you.