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Colour psychology is the study of colours in relation to the behaviour of humans. It defines how colour affects day-to-day decision-making such as the products we purchase. However, our perceptions of a product or brand can be somewhat influenced by our associations with colour.

By using colour strategically within your brand, you can strongly influence your customer’s perception of not just your products and price points, but of your service. This is why understanding colour psychology can be critical to a brand.

The influence of colour

Feel it, don’t think it!

People don’t live in a ‘thinking’ state, they live in a ‘feeling’ state. This is why, along with scent and material, colour plays such a vital role in a customer environment – it’s so emotive. Research undertaken shows there is a significant impact on buying decisions based on the aesthetic of a product.

The association between colour and emotion is seen through different lenses for example, warm colours feel more welcoming and inviting, whilst cold colours tend to represent a more practical or factual message.  Here we look at exactly the same message, but with two very different executions, both evoking a completely different emotion.

Use of colour across industries

As stated on psychologist, there are also some interesting findings in the use of colour in medicine. Since the 1980s, doctors have used blue light to treat neonatal jaundice, and in 1990, scientists reported that blue light had been used to successfully treat addictions, depression and impotence. Red light is being used in photodynamic therapy to destroy cancer cells. It also stimulates the muscles, and is being used to increase performance in some athletes, while blue light seems to enhance performance where steady strength is needed.

colour testing

But what does this mean for your brand?

Humans are invariably visual creatures and so are affected by colour and even driven to behaviours by the colours they encounter. When HubSpot did an online ‘Call to Action’ button colour test they found that, a red CTA button outperformed a green CTA button by a whopping 21%! So the simple use of colour in point of sale, online presence or even staff uniform can have a positive impact on the bottom line.


Chromology and the psychology of colour

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