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Seven seconds, that’s all you have to make a first impression

According to a study by renowned Psychologist, Albert Mehrabian, this first encounter comprises 7% what you say, 38% how you say it and 55% your physical appearance.

“Fit is the cornerstone of a great garment. You can have the very best fabric and amazing design ideas, but without a great fit, whatever you wear will often look of poor quality and cheap.”

Roy Bass, Head of Supply Chain at Murray Uniforms

A close collaboration between design and technical teams are essential

particularly when creating bespoke ranges, to ensure style, fabric and fit are developed specifically for the varying body shapes.

Uniform, along with every day clothing, is emotive.

To be the ‘best you’ you must look and feel good. The word ‘fit’ is used to cover multiple areas of clothing development; style, fabric, and sizing all directly impact the fit and of course what fits one person, may not fit another even if they are the same ‘size’. This is where an understanding of body shape is paramount.

But it’s not just about taking a design and making it bigger or smaller!

Approximately 40% of women find it extremely difficult to get high street clothing to fit. This is because many of the high street retailers are catering for the standard ‘hour glass’ shape. With bespoke corporate wear development, clever design and understanding of body shape ranges can be created to cater for more varied body shapes.

Communicating fit to the customer remains a challenge within the corporate wear sector. Some shapes simply will not fit everyone, so educating the wearer to select the right pieces and sizes is critical in keeping returns to a minimum and ensuring they feel great in their new uniforms.

Talking to customers and wearers is essential to understanding potential changing needs. Without the continuing cycle of feedback and development, uniforms can stagnate, along with the customer-facing element of a brand.

So, how will you use your seven seconds?