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Fashion is present in all of our lives with clothing being no exception.

What you wear is proven to impact a persons perception of you. It can also create opportunities or simply express one’s identity.

For those who say

"They don’t care what they wear"

Subconsciously they are still part of the fashion cycle – give them a pink tutu and I am pretty sure they will suddenly have an opinion about what they wear (maybe not the best example, but you get the idea!). For some, what they wear on a daily basis is not much more than a practical necessity, but for many others, clothes add a layer of personality and even confidence to their inner-self.  Clothes are also an expression of self and can be a very personal statement made every day about who you are and how you feel.

Whilst the work that we do will determine what we wear to an extent, a separate wardrobe from work to home is the norm.  Which is the same for our mind set; turn up to a board meeting in a hoodie and trainers and I guarantee eyebrows will be raised.  On the flip side, turn up to your kid’s Sunday morning 5-aside in your chef’s whites and you will most likely receive the same reaction!

Step forward the uniform

What we wear tends to be appropriate to the environment. Wearing a uniform can simply take away the indecision and deliberation of what to wear.  It also creates unity within a group and can also promote equality amongst peers.

"A happy team are 12%* more productive"

If your company has a uniform range that includes mens clothing, womens clothing and even accessories, you will have the opportunity to still add your own style to what you wear.

It’s a cliché I know, but the expression ‘dress for success’ still holds merit.  Wearing quality, well-tailored workwear gives a sense of personal security and pride.  Cut to a shop-floor of confident, comfortable and happy store assistants and the levels of customer satisfaction rise significantly.  A happy team has been proved to increase productivity by 12%*.  Equate that to a business with sales of £750,000, this could mean up to an additional £90,000 to the bottom line!

You are who you are no matter what you wear, but what you wear will make you feel the part for the work you are doing.

*Source: Warwick University Happiness & Productivity study