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The importance of colour

People don’t live in a ‘thinking’ state, they live in a ‘feeling’ state. That is why, along with scent and material, colour plays such a vital role in our lives – it’s so emotive.

The impact of colour

Colour and mood

‘Chromology’ is the name given to the Psychology of Colour. Its role in the working day is hugely significant to employee well-being. Take the example of rising in the morning, the sun is shining, the grass looks greener, the sky looks bluer – our mood is lifted and we feel just that little bit happier and ready for what the day may bring. The same would be true of the opposite – grey skies, often grey moods.

say it in colour

The influence of colour

Our association with colour is what allows us to be affected by the colours advertisers around the world use to sell to us every day. If the message they want to deliver is a ‘Summer SALE’ for example, they will use colours that we naturally associated with feel warm - yellow and orange hues and with urgency - red tones. The same message with much cooler colours evokes a very different message - these two images demonstrate that perfectly.

culture considerations

Colour meanings across cultures

Both of these two messages may appeal to people in slightly different ways. This may be influenced by their upbringing and heritage. Across cultures, colours may represent very different things for example: - In the Middle East, orange is associated with mourning in loss - In Eastern and Asian countries, black represents health and prosperity - Red is the typical colour for a bride to wear on her wedding day - In Latin America, green is the most associated colour with death

What does this mean for your people?

Consideration must be given to this when considering the colour of the staff uniform, colour of the break out area for staff and even colours used on internal communications as all of these things have the potential to impact staff well-being.

So the simple use of colour in your business could play more of a part in your staff’s happiness and well-being that you may realise.

Learn more about how using colour in your uniform design can improve staff well-being by downloading our FREE Guide to Bespoke Design & Colour or to learn more about Murray Uniforms call Andy Bass or Ken Denny on 02476 587 980.


Chromology and the psychology of colour

To find out more about colour impact and how uniform plays it's part, download our FREE Guide to Bespoke Design & Colour using the adjacent form

Or to learn more about Murray Uniforms call Andy Bass or Ken Denny on 02476 587 980.