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Look good, feel good

Why does what we wear make us nicer?

Research studies show* that what you wear matters, to both an individual’s happiness in themselves and how confident they feel in their personal and professional lives. There are numerous psychological impacts of clothing on an individual’s personal well-being, from the colour of a garment to its fit. It’s about how the wearer sees themselves, often stepping into a ‘persona’ when the garment is put on.

Experiments have repeatedly shown that the type of uniform you wear can affect your daily work life, and even your deep rooted psychology.   

In one example, through simply donning a laboratory coat, experiment participants became notably more observant and were able to focus longer on a series of tasks.  This phenomenon, known as enclothed cognition, comes as a result of the wearer ascribing a particular role to a uniform (such as a scientist, doctor, or labourer), and then fulfilling that role more completely whilst wearing the uniform.

Enclothed cognition is affected both by the symbolic meaning and the physical experience of wearing the clothes.

I want to be nice…

But I just don’t feel it.

Imagine – you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face another day. You dress in your work uniform and slip on your work boots. Throughout the day, you stock product, answer customer questions and meet & greet customers at the front of store. The only problem is, your top rises at the waist when you put stock up on shelves, or your trousers are not well-fitting and restrict you when bending, your feet are hurting from the hours spent on them every day in boots and as a result, your level of customer service is gradually reducing throughout the day.

This is not an uncommon story, particularly in the retail environment. Getting a single uniform that suits all shapes, ages and job roles across a business is near impossible.

Maintaining a high level of staff engagement is key to the success of any business and ensuring a well-made, well-fitting uniform meets the core functions of the role as well as well-being is paramount to achieving this – not only for the sake of your employee happiness, but also, as a consequence, for the sake of your customers.


How do your staff feel about their workwear?

With over 100 years in the clothing industry, we’ve learned a thing or two about uniform engagement, so we've put together this short survey to help you understand how your staff feel about their workwear/uniform.

Download our FREE Uniform Engagement Survey here, or contact Natasha Hickling for more information about how Murray can help your business gain greater employee engagement with their uniform or workwear..