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5th June 2019 is World Environment Day

Reducing Air Pollution

This year, the global initiative for World Environment Day looks at the issue of air pollution. With a 66M people living in the UK, there is much that can be collectively achieved to reduce air pollution. Our focus at Murray is on reducing the vast amount of textile waste that ends up in landfill sites. Harmful gases are known to be emitted from these sites and may affect the health of local residents and wildlife. With over 500 landfill sites in the UK, it’s an issue that must be addressed.

FREE Guide to Textiles Waste and Recycling

To find out more about what is being done to combat these waste and recycling challenges, read our whitepaper A guide to textiles waste and recycling:

Zero Waste Day

To support World Environment Day, Murray are attempting a Zero Waste Day. The purpose is to build on our initiative to reduce waste to landfill, but to also challenge our resources to recycle as well as our understanding of what can be recycled. Staff will be looking at ways waste reduction can be improved at Murray and further innovative ways that waste could be reused.

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